ZenithXen can take care of all your iT requirements. We have access to all the major brands and provide after sales support for everything we sell.

At ZenithXen, we custom build servers and personal computers to match our customer’s unique requirements using only proven, high quality components.


Business information Systems (BiS) / Home information Systems (HiS)



EcoSystem (Eco-BiS, Eco-HiS)
An inexpensive computer system designed to discreetly do the job without the bells or whistles, but still built to ZenithXen’s uncompromising standards from high quality components.
Typical components:
  • Aywun MicroTower chassis
  • Intel i3 CPU
  • 4GB RAM
  • 500GB HDD
  • 22" HD LED screen
  • Windows 10


Standard WorkStation (Std-BiS, Std-HiS)
Stylish and robust computer system, built to ZenithXen’s exacting standards from high quality components to perform flawlessly in any environment.
Typical components:
  • Silverstone aluminium MicroTower chassis
  • Intel i5 CPU
  • 8GB RAM
  • 1TB HDD
  • 24" HD LED screen
  • Windows 10


Power Station (Pwr-BiS, Pwr-HiS)
Robust, performance computer designed to take whatever you can throw at it. Built from high quality, high performance components to do computing power intensive tasks like 3D Design or competition gaming.
Typical components:
  • Lian-Li aluminium MidTower chassis
  • Intel i7 CPU
  • Up to 32GB RAM
  • 3 x 1TB HDDs in a RAID 5 array
  • High performance video card
  • 24" HD LED screen
  • Windows 10



THiS – Total Home information System~ $3,000 - $5,000

The ultimate toy!

A powerful home theatre system that can do it all.

Throw away your TV, Blu-ray/DVD player/recorder, stereo, game consoles, newspapers, books, photo albums & phones.

THiS is all you need.


Server systems

Every company, no matter how small, needs a server.

Having a server in place while your business is in its early stages will ensure you are ready for growth.

Using a server, instead of other means of sharing, will ensure you are operating your business and communicating as productively as possible.

At ZenithXen we custom build our servers to meet our customers specific requirements.
Prices vary considerably, but range from around $3000 for a ‘start-up’ small business server to over and beyond $10,000 for a corporate, enterprise level server.
ZenithXen can get a server network started for under $10,000!
This includes; a Microsoft Small Business Server, Firewall, UPS, Ethernet switches, wireless access points, a backup solution, Antivirus software, a domain name, as well as expert labour.



Network infrastructure

Computer networks are our specialty. ZenithXen can supply and manage all of your network's connection and protection requirements.

Who needs an office!
From malware and Internet threat management software, to powerful corporate firewalls, ZenithXen can give your team the ability to...
work anywhere, anytime’.